High, I'm here
to help.


Doctor Z's Weed Cream.
The joint effort of two doctors to treat cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Formulated to treat the lows of getting high.

A lot of people enjoy many advantages of marijuana: mood enhancement, pain management, relief from anxiety, and in some cases, treatment for nausea and vomiting.  Ironically, after recreational marijuana use was legalized in Oregon, we began to see a lot of people come into the ER with nausea and vomiting.  Whether they realized it or not, often their symptoms started after using marijuana.  It became clear that in these cases, it was the marijuana that caused the vomiting.  This created a catch-22 – people smoked marijuana, became nauseated, smoked more marijuana to try and feel better, and became more nauseated. 




Weed Cream

We all now know that Dr. Z's Weed cream is for CHS but Wait, There’s More – Feel Good, Smell Nice

Doctor Z’s Weed Cream is also a moisturizing cream that can be used for relief of muscle aches and joint pains.  Infused with essential oils, Doctor Z’s smells great.  It soothes, like a relaxing cup of tea.

Capsaicin cream has long been used in treating muscle aches and joint pain. Doctor Z’s Weed Cream isn’t just for Weed users and their nausea or vomiting.  It’s concentration of capsaicin and soothing essential oils feels great on minor kinks and sore muscles. 

While neither a furniture polish or a dessert topping, Doctor Z’s is nice to have in your medicine cabinet, kitchen drawer, glove box, or anywhere the mood strikes.

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