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We were referred to this product from a doctor at St. Vincent’s ER unit. I ordered cream while sitting in the ER with my partner, who was suffering from cyclical vomiting. The cream arrived in two days! It’s much more gentle, moisturizing, and better smelling than regular capsaicin cream. Loved the personal packaging as well. Thanks for providing such a great product in an area that needs it!
— Rachel T
Not only fixed my condition, I also use it for sore muscles, and just for fun! Highly recommended.
— Robert L
Best customer service I have ever received. I placed my order and was informed that the employees were out of town and would fulfill my order when they got back, not a problem at all! For my “troubles” they refunded my shipping. Not only did I get a refund on my shipping I got another tin for free. This stuff is awesome. This company is awesome. I’ve been suffering from symptoms of CHS for over a year and this stuff is a miracle. I have the freedom to enjoy smoking again and not feel so sick after. Added bonus... I’ve been using the cream on my knee for pain & it’s working!! Thank you to this amazing company for helping me feel so good again!!
— Marissa H
I bought the charcoal grey sweatshirt, and it’s my favorite hoody. Buttery soft, fits perfect, I want to wear it every day.
— James L
I bought one tin last November for my husband, and it works so well that it kept him out of the ER. We’ve since bought two more tins, and it works great. No more ER visits since we found this product.
— Caitlyn W
You changed my life! Usually when I go to the ER with vomiting, they give fluids but the medicines that they use don’t work. Capsaicin worked so well, and now I know that it’s available over the counter, I won’t have to come to the ER for vomiting anymore. Thanks!
— T Greene - manager of a local dispensary