High, I'm here
to help.


Doctor Z's Weed Cream.
The joint effort of two doctors to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia.

Doctor Z’s was started by a two ER doctors in Portland, Oregon who were looking for better ways to help patients deal with a multitude of conditions, most notably pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. We’ve been honored to care for thousands of patients with these conditions, but we have always been concerned that the medicines we prescribe may ultimately do more harm than good. Every day we see first hand the effects of opiate and benzodiazepene addiction and the lives it takes. 




CBD Cream

We all now know that Dr. Z's Weed cream is for CHS but Wait, There’s More – Feel Good, Smell Nice

Doctor Z’s Weed Cream is also a moisturizing cream that can be used for relief of muscle aches and joint pains.  Infused with essential oils, Doctor Z’s smells great.  It soothes, like a relaxing cup of tea.

Capsaicin cream has long been used in treating muscle aches and joint pain. Doctor Z’s Weed Cream isn’t just for Weed users and their nausea or vomiting.  It’s concentration of capsaicin and soothing essential oils feels great on minor kinks and sore muscles. 

While neither a furniture polish or a dessert topping, Doctor Z’s is nice to have in your medicine cabinet, kitchen drawer, glove box, or anywhere the mood strikes.

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